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11 Mar

Air Conditioning in Dubai Marina

With an approx 1.7 kilometers long sandy stretchy beach on JBR, Dubai Marina is one of the vibrant residential community in Dubai with all the commercial facilities and easiest access to the most sustainable transport system in U.A.E.
Fascinating modern and tall skyscrapers and towers add more to its beauty, 5 star hotels, modern hotel apartments, e;elegant cafes, fancy restaurants, pop up craft markets and more make it the first choice to reside in.
With all the modern amenities, attractions and activities, Dubai Marina continue to thrive and attract tourist and investors to itself.

With most of the year the temperature in Dubai is hot and humid, Air conditioners became necessity and essential part of daily life. Air conditioners are sophisticate machine and require proper maintenance and repair in order to perform best.
An air conditioner is not just a machine to provide cool air but also its job is to maintain the indoor temperature and keep the air fresh and cool.
Proper routine cleaning and servicing of each AC unit is needed needed at least twice a year to keep the indoor air quality hygiene and to prevent bacteria and pollution particles.

We provide round the clock major and minor maintenance services for air conditioners, weather if it’s ducted, split or chiller type unit. We have custom packages available for annual maintenance contract which ensure on time services and care for your air conditioning units. We also have specialized emergency teams available to provide instant solution for breakdowns and replacement of AC compressors and fan motors to ensue the best and efficient indoor temperature of your home and office.

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Looking for AC Gas top up and Filter cleaning?

Air Conditioner not Cooling, Leaking or giving Bad Smell?

Noise coming from Air Conditioner Duct?

Air Conditioner not turning on?

Looking to install a new air conditioner?

Well we cover everything when it comes to Air conditioning maintenance and repair, simply call us now on 054 4404432 or the form available on this page to get an instant solution for your ac problem.


Special Promotional Discount for HVAC Servicing, filter cleaning, gas top up, capacitor replacement, fan coil cleaning, condensor cleaning

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Our work areas in Dubai Marina

Marina 106 Tower
Marina 101 Tower
Princess Tower
23 Marina
Elite Residence
S Residence
DAMAC Residenze
The Torch
Ocean Heights
Cayan Tower
The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa at JBR
Dubai Beachfront Hotel
Emirates Crown
Sulafa Tower
Marina Pinnacle
Marina Gate Residence Tower 2
Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites
Mag 218 Tower
Marina Gate Residence Tower 3

Botanica Tower
Marina Quays West
Marina Residences
Al Habtoor Tower
The Paloma
The Summit
Dubai Marina Mall Serviced Residences
La Riviera Tower
No. 9 Tower
The Shemara
Iris Blue
Marsa Tower
The Royal Oceanic
The Attessa
Fairfield Tower
Bonaire Tower
Al Mejara Tower A
Oceanic Tower
TFG Marina Hotel
Ariyana Tower

The Waves 2
ARY Marina View
Al Mejara Tower E
Marina Byblos Hotel
Gulf National
Lootah Complex
Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments
Marina First
Jannah Marina Bay Suites
Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa
Carlton Marina Luxury Apartments 2
Emerald Residence
The Belvedere
Westside Dubai Marina
Jannah Place Hotel
Marina Park
Marina Pearl
Civil Defense Building

Al Seef Tower
Grosvenor House West Marina Beach
Le Reve
Grosvenor House The Residence
Marina Heights Tower
Tamani Hotel Marina
Marina Crown
Marina Gate Residence Tower 1
Horizon Tower
Mesk Tower
Murjan Tower
Marina Terrace
Bay Central Central Tower
Dusit Residence
Dream Tower
Pier Eight
Katherine Price Mondadori Tower
Time Place
Bay Central West Tower
Bay Central East Tower

Skyview Tower
Al Habtoor Tower
Al Mejara Tower B
Studio One
West Avenue Tower
Stella Hotel
Zumurud Tower
Casa Del Mar
Sparkle Tower A
Orra Marina
Manchester Tower
Ice Tower
Marina Wharf 1
Carlton Marina Luxury Apartments 1
Marina Wharf 2
The Delphine
Liv Residence
The Pacific
The Waves 1
Park Island (FairField)
Dubai Marina Mall

My Tower
Dolce Vita
Bunyan Tower
Radisson SAS Venti Quattro
The Jewels Tower 2
The Jewels Tower 1
Habtoor Grand Hotel Tower 1
Anbar Tower
Marina Residence
The Waterfront
KG Tower
Marina Sky Tower 2
Marina Sky Tower 1
Vida Residences Dubai Marina
Stella Maris Tower
Marina Arcade

Silverene Tower A
Donna Hotel Tower
Marina Tower
Escan Marina
Al Mass Tower
Continental Tower
Marina Mansions
The Point
Yass Tower
Silverene Tower B
ARJ Tower
Sanibel Tower
Blakely Tower
Dubai Marina Star
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Dubai
Habtoor Grand Hotel Tower 2
Eden Blue Tower
Gargash Tower
Fairooz Tower
Al Dua’a Marina Tower

DEC Tower 2
Avant Tower
Crown Plaza Dubai Marina
The Beauport
Bayside Residence
Marina View Tower 1
Marina Sail
Al Sahab Tower 2
The One by Wyndham
The Aurora
Sukoon Tower
DEC Tower 1
Rove Hotel Dubai Marina
The Atlantic
Marina Diamond 6
Marina Diamond 5
Marina Diamond 4
Orra Harbour
The Zen
Yacht Bay

Al Zarooni Complex Building
ARY Marina Piers
The Cascades
Marina Gate Tower
Marina Suites
Casa Del Sol
Supreme Residency 2
Sparkle Tower B
Marina Diamond 3
Marina Diamond 2
The Lighthouse
Marina Diamond 1
La Residencia Del Mar
Al Mejara Tower C
Durrat Al Marsa Tower
Marina Diamond 7
Marina View Tower 2
Al Mejara Tower D
Marina Quays 3
Marina Quays 2
The Adress Dubai Marina
Al Sahab Tower 1
Trident Grand Residence

15 Nov

AC Repair in Dubai

ac repair dubai

AC Repair in Dubai: 5 Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Are you looking for great AC repair in Dubai? Before you call the experts, check out the quick fixes you can take care of yourself.

Having trouble with your air conditioning? Is it leaking or not running at all?

Your AC is probably trying to tell you that it’s time for some repairs!

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is about 12 years. Some units can last for as long as 15 years. However, their efficiency drops over time.

Even if your AC unit is only 10 years old, a new model could reduce your energy costs by up to 40 percent.

Additionally, older machines are more likely to have technical issues, so you’ll end up spending a fortune on repairs.

Before searching for AC repair in Dubai, try to fix the unit yourself.

Here are five simple problems you might be able to handle on your own:

Change the Air Filter

All AC units have air filters. Ideally, you should replace these components at least once every three months.

Clogged filters obstruct airflow and affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Switching to a new filter can improve AC efficiency and reduce energy bills by five to 15 percent. On top of that, you’ll get clear, fresh air and reduce allergens.

Set the Thermostat

If your air conditioning doesn’t turn on, check the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to “cool” or AC.

Take a look at the thermostat battery too. You might need a new one.

Next, check the fuse to make sure it works properly. If you’re still having problems, search for companies offering AC repair in Dubai.

An expert can spot less obvious issues and fix them before it’s too late.

Clean the Coils

Are your utility bills abnormally high?

If so, the AC evaporator coils might be clogged or cracked. Common causes include debris, corrosion, or wear and tear.

Check the coils for cracks and leaks. Use a soft brush to remove the dust and debris. When you’re done, apply a no-rinse coil cleaner.

If the coils are damaged, call a specialist to replace them.

Check the Ducts

A leaking duct can keep the AC unit from working optimally and increase pollution in your home. It may also result in higher utility bills.

Sealing the ducts can improve the efficiency of your unit. Luckily, this is something you can do yourself.

Use a smoke machine or a smoke pencil to detect any leaks. Next, apply a thick layer of mastic over the hole. Isolate and seal the ducts with special tape.

Inspect the Main Electrical Panel

If your AC isn’t working, turn off the power and check the main electrical panel. Look for blown fuses or tripped breakers.

In case you’re dealing with a blown fuse, replace it with a new one.

These minor issues take minutes to fix. If the problem persists, get expert help.

How to Find AC Repair in Dubai

Air conditioning units are not cheap. A skilled contractor will fix your unit and keep it running at top efficiency. Regular maintenance and repair can increase the lifespan of your system.

To find a local contractor, do a quick search for AC repair in Dubai. Check out a couple of websites, read customer reviews, and request free quotes.

Make sure you choose a trusted company, such as AC Service Dubai. Our team can help you choose a new AC unit or fix the one you already have. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

Contact us today to find out more! We’re here to help!

24 Aug

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

The day you’re cooling framework breakdowns is frequently the day you require it most. That is the reason it’s vital to take after Trane’s prescribed aerating and cooling upkeep tips, so potential issues are dodged before they turn out to be more genuine. If your A/C framework has quit working, utilize our investigating guide underneath to help decide the issue.

Remember that your framework ought to be estimated to keep your home cool on the normal summer day. The normal framework ought to have the capacity to keep up a 20-25 degree temperature contrast between the outside and indoor temperature.

If that it is a typical summer day and your aeration and cooling system still cannot keep up, you may have an issue with the charge or a solidified evaporator loop. If you see good to beat all units, close it off and call us.

Warm air is spilling in.
Test the window seals around your unit to ensure hot air aren’t getting in or cool air leaking out. Assuming this is the case, reseal around your unit with bits of weather-stripping.

No air development
While the aerating and cooling unit cools the air, your framework’s fan or air handler moves it through the house. Check to ensure that the aeration and cooling system is on and operational, and in case you’re not getting wind current, look at our air handler investigating guide. If your ventilation system does not appear to be working by any means, check for a stumbled breaker.

Insufficient Maintenance
If you permit channels and aerating to end up noticeably dust, the ventilation system won’t work appropriately, and the compressor or fans are probably going to flop rashly.
Contact a ventilation system investigating professional
In the event that the issue can’t be resolved in view of this guide, contact your neighborhood Specialist. They will have the capacity to analyze the issue and get your aeration and cooling system running legitimately, so you and your family remain cool and agreeable.

Deplete dish flooding
The deplete dish beneath your inside ventilating unit gathers buildup, and an electric pump as a rule moves the water to a close-by waste pipe. If the container is flooding, check for a wrinkle or square in the seepage line, and ensure that the pump is connected to and working.

No frosty air
There are a couple of potential causes if air is traveling through your home, however not chilling off. Clean and garbage could develop on the evaporator, making heat trade less proficient. Utilize our aeration and cooling system upkeep control for tips on the best way to clean the evaporator. Check to ensure both within and outside units are working, and that the indoor regulator is set at the coveted temperature.

Framework running continually
If your cooling system is by all accounts running continually, your indoor regulator could be set too high. Reset your indoor regulator; at that point alter the temperature to an agreeable level.

If the unit is yet running consistently, Book ac technician now.