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Air Conditioning Services

Dubai & Air Conditioning always comes together as the perfect air conditioning unit is really necessary to beat the heat in dubai. from installation to repair & maintenance to simple Gas Top up or air duct cleaning, We are describing important factors involved in “keeping your home in Dubai Cool”. so the next time your air conditioning unit makes any trouble you know a lot about what to do.

Types of AC in Dubai

First of all, it’s important to recognize that not all air conditioning is created equal. There are different choices that work better for certain spaces and budgets.

One of the easiest types of AC to install is the window air conditioner. These units can be easily set up in most windows in your home. These units are also significantly cheaper than other options.
That said, window units do have their drawbacks. They tend to be noisy, and energy inefficient. Additionally, the aren’t able to cool large spaces, so it is better to use them in smaller areas.

For a more expensive, but more comprehensive option, you might consider a split air conditioning system.
These systems are called split because they consist of two components: an indoor unit that blows cold air, and a compressor that is kept outside.

While these air conditioning units are more complicated to install, they can cool wider areas, and are more energy efficient.

Determine your BTU needs

A major factor in choosing an air conditioning unit is considering how much energy it will take to cool your space.
The power of an air conditioning unit measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. Essentially, the larger the area you are trying to cool, the more BTUs you will need to properly cool it.
That said, size isn’t the only factor that determines how many BTUs you will need. Other factors, like climate, also play a role.
For instance, a room with several windows that the sun shines into all day will get hotter faster and will need more BTUs to cool than a room that is generally dark.
Additionally, climates like Dubai often demand air conditioning units with higher BTUs. Since it is so warm year round, it is necessary to get a system that has more power and capability.

Consider Other Features

When it comes to air conditioning, most people just think about the temperature of the air. While this is important, it only scratches the surface of what air conditioning systems can do.
Many newer air conditioning systems are able to filter the air, and can thereby remove allergens and other irritants.
It’s also to consider factors like maintenance for your air conditioner.
Some air conditioning units have condensers that fill with water and need to be emptied periodically. Most have air filters that need to be changed regularly, but some need to be changed more than others.
Ultimately, when it comes to getting AC in Dubai, the most important thing is that you consider the needs of your space, and you choose a unit that meets those needs.

HVAC Installation

It begins with the hvac installation (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), also known as ac installation in short. An area where air conditioning installation is required must be surveyed by a professional ac technician to propose the exact type and size of air conditioning unit for proper cooling and airflow.

The installation of the AC and cooling systems is a critical task. If the installment is done precisely your ventilation system will give ideal cooling, yet if it is not done correctly you won’t get the coveted cooling impact. A poor installation additionally prompts visit for maintenance issues. A few components need to be considered amid the installation air conditioner…
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HVAC Cleaning

There is a high chance that you have ignored a spring checkup, your AC isn’t cooling so well. A year’s of dust and trash stopping up the cooling blades, the coolant level, a dusty blower fan channel and various other issues can altogether diminish the performance of your aeration and cooling system and destroy it quicker.

AC Cleaning is necessary when it comes to your indoor air quality and hygiene, not only it boost up your immune system also it increases the life of your aircon unit and to minimize the electricity bills making it more environment friendly.
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HVAC Repairing

Experiencing a problem with your air conditioning unit?
AC is leaking, giving bad smell, making noise, throwing hot air, tripping, not turning on, keeps shutting down, indoor air is humid, not giving enough cooling e.t.c are the signs that your ac needs repair. Don’t panic if an AC repair is needed in your office, villa or apartment, as it’s a usual thing and to avoid last moment shocks preventive ac maintenance is always recommended.
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HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining a good ac unit is necessary and comes with great benefits, firstly it goes easy on your pockets as it become efficient in cooling and put less load on electricity. secondly it ensures that you will never have a sudden shutdown of air conditioning which sometimes becomes a real deal and trust us that you don’t want to call and deal with ac maintenance companies in the middle of night or while everybody is enjoying weekend with family and friends.
If you are unlucky enough to face any trouble with your ac or just want to call professionals for your ac maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us.
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HVAC Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is not a one and done type project. To keep your system running smoothly, you need an air duct cleaning every so often. Learn when here. Spring is once again upon us. It brings with it a wave of warmth that defrosts our bones. Unfortunately, however, it also brings with it an allergen or two. Ritual spring cleaning, though, helps keep those nasties at bay. Of course, not everything is vigorously cleaned.

Our poor air ducts, for instance, tend to get the shaft, probably because we don’t know that they need to be cleaned somewhat frequently. However difficult it is to remember, though, air duct cleaning is essential.
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